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R. Bruce Lennox's picture

R. Bruce Lennox

Chemistry; McGill University; Program Director
Christopher Barrett's picture

Christopher Barrett

Chemistry; McGill University
Frédéric Charron's picture

Frédéric Charron

Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM)
Santiago Costantino's picture

Santiago Costantino

Ophthalmology; Université de Montréal
Alyson Fournier's picture

Alyson Fournier

Neurology & Neurosurgery; McGill University
Peter Grutter's picture

Peter Grutter

Physics; McGill University
David Juncker's picture

David Juncker

Biomedical Engineering; McGill University
Timothy Kennedy's picture

Timothy Kennedy

Neurology & Neurosurgery; McGill University
Janine Mauzeroll's picture

Janine Mauzeroll

Chemistry; McGill University
Edward Ruthazer's picture

Edward Ruthazer

Neurology & Neurosurgery; McGill University
Paul Wiseman's picture

Paul Wiseman

Chemistry & Physics; McGill University