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There is a widely acknowledged research and training gap that exists between neuroscientists and physical scientists/engineers. Of particularly importance is the gap between "tool-builders" and "tool-users", where the tools in question range from advanced imaging techniques, to sample manipulation techniques such as microfluidics, to nanomaterials. Effective methods development requires a robust feedback loop between the "tool-builders" and "tool-users".

The Training Program in Neuroengineering is based at McGill University and is the realization of the vision of renowned neuroscientist David Colman (1949-2011). Dr. Colman had a deep understanding of the problem of merging concepts in experimental neurosciences, nanomaterials, biophysics, and engineering. The Neuroengineering CREATE trainee is someone who will be able to work in the languages and practices of neurosciences, physical sciences/engineering, and device engineering. The program’s long-term goal is to produce a cohort of trainees with a unique set of skills that bridge the physical and neurosciences.

A number of program elements are provided that we feel are essential to a trainee being able to develop a broad understanding of the context of the problem of neuroengineering, as well as the professional skills they will need to make an impact in the field. These elements include a series of professional practice/skills development presentations, short courses to bridge knowledge gaps in this interdisciplinary field, as well as short courses focused on new tools/techniques. The opportunity to participate in three-week international exchanges rounds out the Neuroengineering trainee’s experience.