NSERC-CREATE | Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program


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Below is a list of facilities and equipment available to Neuroengineering trainees:

  • Zeiss LSM-710 confocal microscope (MNI Imaging Facility)
  • Zeiss LSM-510 confocal microscope (MNI Imaging Facility)
  • FV1000 Olympus multiphoton microscope (HMR Imaging Facility, Université de Montréal)
  • Femtosecond lasers (Costantino lab)
  • ImageXpress high content screening system BT105 (Fournier lab)
  • DI Bioscope AFM on inverted optical microscope (Grutter lab)
  • Nikon C1si customized confocal microscope (Juncker lab)
  • Nikon TE2000-E customized inverted fluorescence microscope (Juncker lab)
  • Zeiss Stemi2000c sterile stereomicroscope (Juncker lab)
  • Microfluidics and liquid handling facilities (Juncker lab)
  • Cary uv-vis and fluorescence spectrophotometers (Lennox lab)
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) spectrometer (Lennox lab)
  • CH Instrument Potentiostat/electrochemical set-ups (Lennox lab)
  • Olympus FV300 scan unit on a BX61WI microscope adapted for multiphoton imaging (Ruthazer lab)
  • Thorlabs high-speed resonant scanner with 20x (0.95NA obj) for multiphoton imaging (Ruthazer lab)
  • Multimodal multiphoton fluorescence and harmonic generation microscope (Wiseman lab)
  • Olympus total internal reflection fluorescence microscope with PALM microscopy addition (Wiseman lab)
  • Olympus FV 300 Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (Wiseman lab)